Small-sized meiping vase with a motif of pomegranate fruits

AD 18th century ~ AD 18th century
  • Type
    Decorative Art
  • Materials
    porcelain, celadon glaze, decoration painted with cobalt and copper oxide under celadon glaze
  • Measurements
    Width 10.3 cm Height 16.4 cm
  • Creator name
  • Creator date
  • Where it was made
  • Time period
    AD 18th century ~ AD 18th century
  • Creation date
    Yongzheng period 1722-35
  • Function
    decorative artwork
  • Acquisition
    It was donated by Julian Nowak in 1946. Prof. Dr. Julian Nowak donated fine examples of ceramics datable even to the Han Dynasty (206 BC – 220 AD) and created the most precious part of the Chinese ceramics collection.
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