AD 20th century ~ AD 20th century
  • Type
    Costume and Jewelry
  • Materials
    Barkcloth, cotton, mica spots
  • Measurements
    Width 74 cm
  • Creator name
  • Creator date
  • Where it was made
    Indonesia; Central Sulawesi
  • Time period
    AD 20th century ~ AD 20th century
  • Creation date
    20th Century; Early 20th century
  • Function
    Halili, a woman's tunic used at dances and ceremonies.
  • Acquisition
    Walter Kaudern (1881-1942) was a qualified zoologist but gradually became more and more interested in human beings and ethnography. He gained his doctorate in zoology in 1910 and also had writings published early on in other disciplines, such as geology and botany. After Nordenskiöld died in 1932, Kaudern was put in charge of the Ethnographic Museum, and the appointment was made official in 1934.
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