Ushnishasitatapatra / Tsugtor Dukar (gTsug-tor gdugs-dkar)

China; Tibet
AD 19th century ~ AD 20th century
  • Type
  • Materials
    Mineral colours and gold on textile Tissue
  • Measurements
    (Painting only) H ca 89 cm, B ca 57 cm
  • Creator name
  • Creator date
  • Where it was made
    China;Tibet; Nepal; or India;Sikkim
  • Time period
    AD 19th century ~ AD 20th century
  • Creation date
    19th Century; 20th Century (early)
  • Function
    Hanging scroll for a temple of Tibetan Buddhism
  • Acquisition
    The painting was acquired in 1926 from the Hamburg dealer Umlauff.
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