Tiger seen from above

AD 17th century ~ AD 18th century
  • Type
  • Materials
    Ink and colours on paper
  • Measurements
    105,3 x 51,5 cm
  • Creator name
    Gao Qipe
  • Creator date
  • Where it was made
  • Time period
    AD 17th century ~ AD 18th century
  • Creation date
    17th Century - 18th Century; 1660-1734
  • Function
    Scroll paintings: Many Chinese paintings are made in the form of scrolls, and can be rolled up for storage. The actual painting is fixed to a long silk support. A thin wooden slat is attached to the top of the scroll, and at the bottom there is a wooden roll with finials at either end, made of wood, ivory or buffalo horn. Scroll paintings can be hung on a wall and viewed in their entirety. This in contrast to horizontal scrolls, which are viewed on a table or other flat surface. As the scroll is unrolled the painting is gradually revealed.
  • Acquisition
    purchase 1991
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