Changi Comforts

AD 20th century ~ AD 20th century
  • Type
  • Materials
    Drawing Paper; Watercolour; Pen (outline)
  • Measurements
    Width 25,5 cm. Length 36,0 cm.
  • Creator name
    W.R.M. Haxworth
  • Creator date
    1906 - 1985
  • Where it was made
    Singapore; Changi Prison
  • Time period
    AD 20th century ~ AD 20th century
  • Creation date
    20th Century; 1942 (c.)
  • Function
    Illustration of the little “comforts” that POWs could look to during those trying times when life was hard and supplies low.
  • Acquisition
    Acquired by the National Archives of Singapore in 1986.
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