The Three Worlds

AD 20th century ~ AD 20th century
  • Type
  • Materials
    Silk, woven cloth, weft ikat (hôl)
  • Measurements
    Height 83 cm. Length 164 cm.
  • Creator name
  • Creator date
  • Where it was made
    Cambodia; Phnom Penh
  • Time period
    AD 20th century ~ AD 20th century
  • Creation date
    20th century; Circa 1930
  • Function
    These hangings (pidan) are woven by women for donation to the temple where they adorn the altar of Buddha. Like other religious donations, a pidan offering is considered a source of merit taken into account in subsequent rebirths in Theravâda Buddhism. Their main themes depict episodes in Buddha's life, his previous existences, the Jâtaka, or Buddhist cosmology. The theme here is the Three Worlds, or the three "lands" of the universe.
  • Acquisition
    Collected for the Colonial Exhibition in Paris, 1931
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