Howdah, throne

AD 20th century ~ AD 20th century
  • Type
    Decorative Art
  • Materials
    Wood and ivory decorations.
  • Measurements
    Width 176.5 cm Height 80 cm. Length 76.5 cm
  • Creator name
  • Creator date
  • Where it was made
    Thailand; Chiang Mai
  • Time period
    AD 20th century ~ AD 20th century
  • Creation date
    20th Century
  • Function
    This kind of throne used to be placed on top of an elephant when the king went for a ride. It was used by the rulers when they had to travel or when there was a war.
  • Acquisition
    The daughter of the last ruler of Chiangmai, Princess Bwa Thip Na Chiangmai, donated the throne to the museum in 1973 on the occasion of the opening of the museum.
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