Yuanyang “Y” pots/Yuanyang “X” pots

AD 21th century ~ AD 21th century
  • Type
    Decorative Art
  • Materials
    Pottery, throwing, casting and mixed media, a set of five
  • Measurements
    12 x 20 x 29 cm(one unit) 12 x 80 x 29 cm(four units)
  • Creator name
    Lo Sze-lim, Chris
  • Creator date
    1967 -
  • Where it was made
    Hong Kong
  • Time period
    AD 21th century ~ AD 21th century
  • Creation date
    21th Century; 2002
  • Function
    Ceramics Tea pots
  • Acquisition
    Acquired by the museum in 2003 from the exhibition “Yuanyang: An Exhibition on Coffee & Tea Vessels” (organized by the Flagstaff House Museum of Tea Ware, a branch museum of the Hong Kong Museum of Art).
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