AD 18th century ~ AD 19th century
  • Type
    Costume and Jewelry
  • Materials
    Lacquer, gold powder (fundame)
  • Measurements
    Width 5.5 cm Height 7 cm Length 2 cm
  • Creator name
    Shiomi Masanari family
  • Creator date
    Late eighteenth-nineteenth century
  • Where it was made
    Japan; Edo
  • Time period
    AD 18th century ~ AD 19th century
  • Creation date
    18th Century -19th Century; Late eighteenth-nineteenth century
  • Function
    Originally the inro, suspended from the sash only used by men, was designed to hold the individual’s seal and stamp pad or a supply of medicine. Later it became a fashion accessory until late 19th century.
  • Acquisition
    Acquired by Calouste Gulbenkian through Gudénian at the Sir Trevor Lawrence Sale, held at Christie’s, London in 4th July 1916
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