About the VCM
img_vcm The Virtual collection of Asian Masterpieces is originally a project of ASEMUS - the Asia Europe Museum Network. The project uses the Internet and masterpieces of Asian origin in the collections of contributing museums to promote mutual understanding and appreciation between peoples of various and different cultures.

More than 120 museums have already contributed a selection of masterpieces from their collections. These finest examples of Asian creativity present compelling images and information and allow the telling of forceful stories. Stories that draw attention to the similarities and differences between civilizations. Stories that enhance mutual understanding of cultural differences and highlight similarities. Stories that stimulate dialogue between peoples and illuminate their histories.

The VCM has advanced in phases. The first operational phase was the creation of the first website in 2007. Since then the number of participating museums has grown and the database of masterpieces has been enlarged. In 2013 the VCM website was completely renewed with the support of the Korean company Naver.
Target audiences Students and learners of all ages Teachers, instructors and facilitators A general public, including groups without previous attachment to museums and their collections.
The primary intended uses of the VCM are educational and informational. Evaluation of the uses, strengths and weaknesses of the VCM will be used to prioritize follow-up steps in its development. This will help to point out useful strategies for reaching out to yet other groups of potential users.
The records for the VCM masterpieces are in both English and the language of the contributing museum. There is an option to display records in both languages.